Why you should trust us

We are able to offer best web hosting experiance because we host customers files at four different locations, with four major players in the internet hosting world. Since there are four, your data will be served by the one with the best network at that time, and all changes will be synced across the four servers afterwards, automatically, and this syncing takes just a half millisecond to complete!

Meet Our Support Team

Ade Ayo

President of intelligent support system.

Our Advantages


We colocate

Even if you have a shared hosting account with us, we'll collocate your files.


Fast and Knowledgeable support system

Our support system is very fast, and they are knowledgeable.


Instant Activation

For shared hosting accounts, activation is instant, VPS takes 2 - 3 mins, dedicated takes up to 1 hour and collocation may take more than 2 hours.

Our Mission

We are in the internet industry create an web unbeatable hosting system.

Here are some of our core benefits.